I stand and stare in the mirror and yet I don’t see my own face
I only see everyone else with their flaws, imperfections, mistakes
Is it because I am perfect and have no flaws, am I my only muse
Is there something about me that has caused them to react the way they do?
If so I do not see it therefore what is there to believe, I must concur
The problem then does not lie with me
It’s everyone else that have the issues with look of disdain I hold them in contempt
Why can’t everyone else be like me, so perfect, flawless, and unique?
Why do they all go out of their ways to act like a freak?
In my eyes everyone is stupid, dumb and a jack ass
Is this the only entertainment I get looking at them through my beer glass?
Now the longer I sit here my eyes are clouding and sleep is docking at my door
I do not want to continue to look at these stupid idiots anymore
Maybe when I wake everyone will be different and back to normal
Maybe I will start keeping track of it all in my handy dandy journal
I’ll write about everyone else so I feel good about myself
As they speak of their God I live in my hell; a hell by the way I don’t even believe in; how did one man so long ago die on the cross for my sin?
Whatever man, again I am not the one with the problems; it’s everyone else doing stupid things that set me off
They should bow at my feet and let me be their boss
You ask why? Because I am perfect, flawless and unique don’t you see?
I know, you’re a goal setter and are striving to become just like me.
Striving for perfections that will never be, it takes a special type of person to hold such a title
Don’t be as hard on yourself as you can come to me, I will be your idol
For the things of this world is all we have and it’s what brings me pleasure
Don’t tell me about God and your faith and tell me what all is measured
I’m going to sleep now as the darkness closes in and consumes me
Tomorrow is a new day and will all begin again, when I look in the mirror will I one day see myself, my flaws, and my sins? Of course not! Because I don’t have any, it’s all you people which are millions too many
I am sure there are people out there who are just like me
Tomorrow I will set out to find them, make it my own little journey.
Woke up this morning and have a new discovery, it’s me I hate
It is me that causes pain, suffering in others and heartache
What has happened, I used to be popular and have friends galore
Used to have family around, a wonderful wife and now nothing more
Maybe there is something to what everyone is saying about how God can reach out to one and then they are saved.
I think now it has been me who was wrong, me with the imperfections and flaws
Is this why my phone never rings and I have no friends
I get up and go to the mirror and finally see me again.
Wow I have aged, where did all that grey hair come from? When did those wrinkles appear?
It’s been a long time since I saw myself; I almost forgot what I look like
I’ve been living my life in darkness for so long there has been no light
I once heard someone say that it’s never too late
Is this applicable to me, can I too have a clean slate?

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