Soulless Melody

A soulless melody, plays into the night
The streets are empty, with the full moon high
Glowing so eerie white
I am consumed with fright, as I walk in the streets
On such an empty evening, no one but me
And that soulless melody, I am scared, I feel lost
Not knowing of what will come
For me on a such a quiet night
And if tonight is my final stroll for my short life
The melody rings, ever so closer
Being as soulless as my dead mother
I came to a stop, my knees so weak
The clothes on my back as thin as sheets
The night so cold and freezing
I limp into an alley, resting, not caring
for the incoming soulless melody
The song sings higher, my heart beats slower
My skin, hugging my bones, become bluer
The blood pumps ever so little in me
My breath, hitched and shallow
I can feel the soulless melody, is now upon I
Its song soothing
I close my eyes, relaxing fully
I took my last breath, my heart took one last beat
And I was consumed
By the soulless melody.

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