By KG   

Love is fragile with breakable wings If you can truly
accomplish it then it's a glorious Prize to receive.

But for some it's never achieved And for others it makes them wish They had kept the receipt. Really it's just a game of catch and release. You just gotta make the leap Until you find the one that you want to keep.

Then It's just a matter of geting the rings and Standing in front of the priest as he makes his speech Then you got to sign the pack by giving your lovers lips a big smack.

But getting to this point is not a sample task You better double check your facts Before you sign that contract.

For many People like to hide behind mask And will do anything to obtain some cash like saying That they're a love that will last When really they are setting a trap.
To stab you in the back Don't let them get the last laugh Not even a rich bastard deserves that.

All I'm saying is sometimes love is cruel And doesn't care that you're being taken a fool. So use your brain when your on loves train.
Because it can give you great strength or cause you great pain It's your decision to make you could away just leave it fate.
but know that love isn't always Safe.
Sometimes it can be a very dangerous game to play.

So remember as you hop aboard for a ride that even the sweetest looking face can lie so put in the time and don't turn a blind eye.
This choice Will greatly affect your life You don't want to wake up When it's too late and realize you made a huge mistake.
So you better Make sure they truly are your soulmate.

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