Soulmate? She is not my wife;
But she stays in my mind.
Distance may be far or near;
Our feelings are connected.
Like a selfless giving wife;
She shares all, even her own life.

Soulmate? He is not my friend;
But he stands by my side.
He holds me when I fall down;
And sings when I am happy.
When our eye met each other;
They make sparkles around the air.

Soulmate? She’s not my girlfriend;
But she is my lover.
Like the sun destroys the dark;
She enlightens my heart core.
She hugs me when I’m lonely;
And kisses me to smile brighter.

Soulmate? He’s not my brother;
But he will protect me.
No connection in the blood;
But we have the same passion.
He teases me with a smile;
And to him I act childishly.

Soulmate? She is not myself;
But she’s me and I’m her.
Like a two sides of a coin;
You may toss it and get one.
The other side is below;
To hold the upper one erect.

Soulmate? He’s not my father;
But he supports my needs.
He trains me to face the world;
And teaches me how to pray.
He rebukes me when I’m wrong;
And hugs me when I am freezing.

Soulmate? Where I feel at home;
Where I forget all my prides.
Where I remove my makeups;
And put on my inside vibes.
It’s where I laugh tirelessly;
Where I experience paradise.

Soulmate? She is in this world;
Under those millions stars.
It is not a fantasy;
Not a romantic movie.
She is there: discover her;
And say, ‘Till Death Do Us Apart’.

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The word \"soulmate\" became very popular in our modern day, specially with the youth. What is the real meaning of this word? You will find the answer here.