Your skin is as fair as the white lily to my touch.
Your hair as red as a red rose to my eyes.
Your lips as soft as petals.
Your voice rings a soulful sound like bells to my ears.
Your eyes shine like twinkling stars.
My dearest one.
Your heart and my joined as one
Your soul completes mine
your mind give mine peace
your love is is as pleasant as a summer's night
your embrace holds me safe throughout the cold and dark night
your stare makes my heart flutter with joy
you are the most precious thing person in my life
your love is what saved from despair
you are salivation from this wicked world
From the vanilla twilight of dawn to the darkness of the midnight sky
the memories we make brings me never ending joy
Our bond of love grows ever stronger with the passing days.
Even if you should disappear into thin air i search for you,
from the depths of sea to the the clouds in the sky.
With everyday that i spend with you is a new adventure.
We are one with every thought.

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