Soulmate joe

The moment are eyes locked
 Intense feelings ran ramped through me
your presence possessed a deeper kinda Passion and fire
you seem to have a heart like mine
that is filled with great sadness that doesn't nobody' else see or understand
you speak my unwritten language
that is something rare and amazing to me
u sense and feel all the things i do not express aloud
u read my thoughts and know my fears without words
inside it scares me
The vulnerability my soul gets for yours
i am overcome with a love that craves your whole being
you possess certain qualities
i find to be very intriguing and sexy
It makes my heart smile
you lift my spirits up higher and brighter than all the Darkness shadows over me
you are my inner peace
a blessing to all
  my chaos n destruction i have
  buried within
 there was something about your presence
that very first day
That awakened my soul when we are together
we connect perfectly
its fates grand design of things
The way i am instantly drawn to you
Our spirits unbelievably touched
one another's
i stared deep in them bright Blue eyes
For brief moment in time
These incredible sensations
that gave hold to my heart
Your spirit radiates throughout me
flowing like wildfire within
you seem to Know my Deepest pain while holding me close
Without words
  You spoke to my heart
Our body's energy's
come together like a symphony in song
I had never
felt a feeling quite like this before
I' was an emotional mess
In of need of a love
i didn't knew even existed
in this darkened world
my soul had longed for You
I desperately need you with me and
all my thoughts and Feelings i have are of only you
all your love and pain you possess within was beautiful
Your soul full of love
Trapped in storms of chaos
Your intellectual nature
Intrigued me
You never let this world's cruelty
Harden ur soul's energy to love a train wreck like me
Its hard to forget a memory
Or feeling just like this
I will cherish you forever and
any day in your presence
Is Nothing like ordinary
It keeps me feeling more alive
in This cold  Lonely world
with you by my side living in this world
makes it all worthwhile

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