Soulmates Are Friends Too

Soulmates, beyond romance,
A bond that goes askance,
For they're not merely lovers,
But friends, like no others.

In hearts entwined, they find,
A love that's one of a kind,
Through laughter and tears,
They conquer all fears.

Together they explore,
Life's vast and endless shore,
Supporting dreams and desires,
Fueling each other's fires.

Soulmates, a friendship deep,
Where trust and secrets keep,
Understanding souls intertwined,
In love, forever bind.

Through joys and through strife,
They walk the journey of life,
With a love that transcends,
Beyond what romance amends.

Soulmates, a divine blend,
Where passion and friendship ascend,
For true love, it unveils,
When friendship never fails.

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