In darkness, we saw light,
the flames of our hearts,
burning so strong, brightening our path.
Time through time;
lifetimes and past lives,
I thought of you,
I dreamed of you.

We crossed path but couldn’t find,
still learning and experiencing,
the one source of energy,
that split yet is still one.
Yearning for the half of me,
somewhere the wait meets eternity.

I feel you across oceans,
thousands of miles away,
past and present,
and I know, you feel the same.

Buried deep in my core,
your initials are at a standstill,
encrypted with the code,
there is the date,
of our reunion to rejoice.
Whenever that is,
is unknown to all.
Across worlds and universes,
somehow our light will reunite,
to become whole again.

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