My love for you is so affective,
when it's distorted I'm reckless.
The sight of disturbance from a wondering soul,
pierces my stomach creating a hole.
Darkness will spread to validate space,
for when I'm not with you I feel misplaced.
Do I have to cringe in doubt,
any time a "she" gets brought up or talked about?
Validate your love for me continuously,
leaving no room to go blind from society.
Space is a place for disgrace.
Insecurity screams when a soul is a nightmare not a dream.
Have you a soul before,
I don't believe so otherwise we wouldn't connect at the core.
Remember who I am remember who we are,
I'm done wasting time on arguments that push us apart.
I need affection I need words,
when I express pain it's so it can be heard.
I tell you because your my only one,
I wouldn't even try if I didn't think it could be done.
Help me escape this confined judgment,
my visions impaired but I'm tryin to rise above it.

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