Souls are Timeless

Souls are Timeless
It’s spring again
Piu’s new school session begin again….
The mango flowers bloom
Birds on the mango tree chirp in the morning
And I wonder is it You or is it Bapi there
Bapi used to say when people cross to the other world they become birds,
Wish you are not so far away.
It’s a starry full moon night
The sky so bright
Wonder the brightest stars must be You and Bapi
Wish you were not so far away.

Piu gets sick
I panic and ask you on my head, “ Does she need another flu shot?”
I keep waiting for you to say, “Don’t worry!!!!”
I know you get pestered and the exclamatory mark meant, “Sonia, shut up”
And that’s what affection means to me.
I wish you were not so far away where phones and letters don’t reach
I wish there was a way
You are watching from above…. Isn’t it?

I wish we were kids again
I wish we were flesh and blood again
I wish we could argue on nonsense again
I wish you could pick up a fight with Chandan again to prove who is better musician
I wish you play your flute again
Me and Chandan would applaud
I wish we could watch the sparkle in your eyes and million dollar smile
With the applauses
With smile of every patient
With the victory of every student
I wish we were kids again
I wish you were flesh and blood again
I wish you could take a call and talk
I wish I didn’t have hunt you among stars and birds
I wish a lot more but wishes would remains till we meet again.
Wishes would remain till time takes a tide
And souls find each other again.

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