Fire, Fire,
the sepian's meticualous desire,
for the force of heat is all we seek,
for the might of blight is present in all forms of light,
vast and ready to disrupt the mind's gown spiritual party,
they need not to look,
for there is nothing to see,
but the amalgamation of dark atoms,
something like the night time's sea,
But dont fear,
even the bikini bottom possosses light,
even in the night.
Dear soul,
to light up the night or ignite one's sight,
to opress the oppressions that lingers in a daily mental session,
burn away all the heart's and mind's desire,
for the soul knows it...
No, You know it...
So just beleive it.
Believe it, re-live it and gain relief from it.
For this is the spark of light,
the spark of energy,
and the spark of truth;
the spark of fire for one's true desire!
Whether it be money, love or experience,
the recognition and ignition of ones intuition,
burns up the wits that treats the mind's sour deciets,
but wait hold on,
here's your receipt,
You already paid for the mind gown silly,
that's the treat.
But wait hold on,
its still a trick...,
for the soul's position demands declaration,
not opposition,
just permission by the sepian for acceleration to freedom...

Feed the soul's desire.

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The sole intentions for my poems are to elucidate a new and unbiased perspective on subjects.