Souls must Be Equipped!!

Many of Us live in these times just trying to get by,
with so many thangs going on it is easy for Our way to go awry.
Must have sincere faith to know there is always help,
Our help will come from Jah whensoever His ways and Laws are kept.
Jah's truth will not aide liars No,not until their doors are opened,
Don't ask how,why or when for Almighty Jah has to Be invited in.
The Lord will do for We all the miracles that were done before,
Everyone that eat of truth will not Be satisfied unless there is more.
It's been quite some time now the world has kept a great many blind,
But the worthiness of truth won't Be counted out for it comes from behind.
The race is not to the swift But to the Ones who choose to endure,
We can Be in last place following Jah But to adhere makes victory for sure.
Don't Anyone be misled,By Man and His unclean material ways
Man will promise many thangs But He can't predict His own days.
As these times change All can see there is much work to Be done,
Must end the lip and no action praising for no battles has it ever won.
To truth We must Be sincere it is here for Everyone to advance,
It takes patience,love and true faith and in Jah We make Our firm stance.
When thangs no longer seem right Let Us take time to In truth repent,
Repentance is offered from Jah which is from He the light is sent.
All the years evil has fought against truth it has been only evil that slipped,
Today truth's message is plain and precise peoples,It's Our Souls must Be Equipped! Amen

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