Sound of Music Nostalgia

When sound of waltz touches my heart,
I melt into music and become its part.
Then wake up from life I begin to dance
completely devoured by this mystic trance.
My soul is dancing along with me
back to my youth, to my hopes and dreams.
I take off with smile, enjoying my flight;
Surprising time travel leads me through light.
I'm visiting places that were always dear,
and friends' sweet faces for moment appear.
I stop by my house that sometimes I miss,
I stroll my old rooms, I remember first kiss.
I'm flying through spaces reliving my life
I do not have regrets, I have nothing to hide.
Magical dance spins me though time-
I'm child, I'm teen, I am grown adult.
I wake up from dance, feeling so much revived.
Nothing in the past keeps me deprived.
I'm in my dream that seems commonplace;
The sound of music has transformed time and space.

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This Poems Story

I came to the US in 1992 from Kiev, Ukraine. Soon after that I established myself as a programmer analyst. In 2009, realizing my needs for a long overdue break, I left my job, giving myself a chance to look back on my life and sort things out. This verse is a story of my journey for self-discovery, in a search of answers to the following questions: How do you find a way when you are lost? How do you open the door to your past? Where is the joy that always was there? Where is life that seems to disappear?