Sound of stars

Feel the bass
feel the sound
sound of horns
sound of keys
keys of life
keys to play
play with me
play those tunes
tunes with soul
tunes the heart
heart is the reason
heart beats life
life is the music
life is the song
song to sing
song for dancing
dancing fingers
dancing strings
strings to pluck
strings notes swing
swing your partner
swing and sing
sing with me
sing along
along the way
along the path
path to harmony
path to love
love is the music
love is the chorus
chorus repeats
chorus to hear
hear the voices
hear their words
words of wisdom
words of praise
praise the talent
praise the gift
gift of giving
gift of living
living in peace
living each day
day drums forward
day plays on
on to the heavens
on to the stars
stars are the musicians
stars of our life

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about music and musicians done in a \"Blitz\" format style of poetry. If you are not familiar with that style, look it up on the internet. Then try one yourself, it\'s a lot of fun. It\'s called a \"Blitz\" because you should read it rapidly, only pausing to breathe. That\'s why there aren\'t any punctuations. Please don\'t rate this low because you don\'t understand the style. Read about the style first, then rate me.