Sounding of the guns

Sounding of the guns
By: songbird
The clocks sound clicks
to to keep time with my heart beat
as I try to listen to see
if the storm had passed through in the night
With the window opened it gave forth a cold gust of wind that carried the smell of morning honeydew and marigolds that had grown upside the faint yellow siding but still after the cold air subsided the smell lingered and the continuous tick of the clock on the wall that proudly shows the time of four in the morning but still I sit alone amongst the darkness awake for something unknown but as the darkness from the outside seems to seep in through the open window it seems to almost unwillingly hides itself away from the tiny light in the corner of the room a night light but still without it I was not fearful of what was hiding in the dark but as time ticked by a faint dream emerged like a flower in bloom but before it could fully emerged a loud bang I feel as tho the bang toppled over my screams and much louder the bang was than a women with caring eyes embracing me in her arms as she carries me down two flights of stairs then a fearful man with so much regret in his eyes emerged from the end of the steps with key and bible in hand then silence wait till the fire stands don't cry they might hear you as your mother softly consoles you you start to drift off but with the sounding of the gun there is not sleep tonight like a rapid clock ticking away a repeat of fire one two three is how many times you hear your mother say a Lords prayer under her breath as your father peaks out of the window to see if its safe to run as and you begin to thinks that it's so funny that it's this very afternoon that you decided to cut your own hair for the first time or that you hadn't just been out in the front of the house where the sounding of the gun is taking place and you are not quite safe till fire comes to a halt as if someone was waving a white flag on a battlefield but I'm sorry it doesn't last long you only have so long before it starts again is it safe yet you can see the question in your mother's eyes and then your father goes first you still in your mother's arms as you head into the night seeking refuge with the sounding of the gun.

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