Sounds and Soul

I look into your eyes as the song plays, navigating your pupils in
search of soul, feeling, heart. I check the volume to be sure,
adjust the base. Can you hear it? Certainly not, for your reaction
is not the same. Your forced smile and timid laugh doesn't reflect
the joy of mine as I leap and bound within the flashes and glimmers
seen within the rhythmic twinges, chorus and chords. I beg for
understanding, for the pathway of the artery that leads to your
beating heart, hoping the lyrics reach you and connect that bridge,
close that gap, narrow that space between our two locked chambers.
I travel this wave in hopes that it will get me within reach so
I can use the key forged from our friendship to unlock the secret
person and form that perfect union. Maybe it was unrealistic to
believe that the right melody would be enough, I was too caught
up in what this meant to me, to see its lack of effect on the world.
Maybe I overestimated its power, its pull. But this, this is not
the end. I will search the cosmos till I find the sound that
connects my soul to yours.

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