Sounds Like the End of Time

By Lisa M.   

Oh the sounds I do hear
Surely heaven must be near
Is there any peace to be found
So many things are going on and some serious things are going down
All you see on the TV is gun shots fired
So many dying it makes your soul tired
My soul cries out for a resolution
There is so much injustice and disillusion
Sounds like the end of time
Thought the hardest of wars was behind
Sounds like the end of time
A mother killed her baby because of the color of his skin
Man oh man what had she been smoking
A father shot his son because of his preference in a mate
Tears rolling, God help us for heaven's sake
Bombers took out a whole village today
We can send in monetary aide but can't take the bombs away
Sounds like the end of time
Doctors say they can't find a cure
Yet we can fund another's country's war
A plague has been reported from centuries of old
Will anyone be left for the real history to be told
All of this seem so crazy
Heaven must be near
My thoughts are getting hazy
Refuse to live in fear
Sounds like the end of time

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