Sounds Of Paris

A cold dewy morning rises

Eleanore is her name

She is a beautiful women

Tall, blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5 foot 9'

The antique Eiffel Tower looks over the town

She leaves her small, cramped apartment

The blood red rusted paint chips hanging off her door

To the left of her is the Luxemboug Gardens

Peaceful green

To the right of her is Downtown Paris

Crowded city

People fill the roads & the cold stony sidewalk's

Eleanore spends her time at the Champs - Elysees during the day

" The most beautiful avenue of the world " they say

She walks all over Paris

Her dark brown shoes on her feet

Listen to the calm water

The cold breeze

The Seine River

Filled with boats & tourist's

Running throughout Paris, France

She breathes the clear cold morning air

Eleanore's small blue brick apartment window looks out at Place Vendome

She enjoys music, art, poetry, & cooking

Her counter top to cook

Her french painting's on the wall

Her slime green fridge with meals half eaten inside

She dreams of living in a quiet town one day

With museum's down the block

& Art fairs every month

When she was a little girl her parents took her to the Eiffel Tower

She looked up the 1,063 Ft' tall " Iron Lady "

The day has gone away

The night is here

At night time Paris is alive

Restaurant's crowded & people laughing

Palais Garnier Opera House is filled

Gorgeous inside & outside

Seats 1,600 people

Dark red seating

" Great opera show's" she has said

Night time beautiful lights

Night time beautiful sights

The yellow & white lights sparkle through Place Vendome

With every day Eleanore loves this peaceful feeling

She is happy with herself coming home

To the blood red rusted paint chips hanging off her door

& her small blue brick apartment

With her slime green fridge

& her french painting's on the wall

Her counter top to cook

Going to sleep with a smile on her face

Knowing that she can listen to the Sounds Of Paris

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