Soup for Breakfast

As I pry my eyes open in the morning the first few
thoughts that rush into my mind are thoughts
of cereal; but not just any cereal. Soup cereal,
ah yes, as I shower I begin to crave the delicious
morning meal. The meaty tender soup cereal
begins to take over my mind with its deep tempting
haze. As I walk down the stairs to the next floor
my head starts to rush with thoughts of the
delectable cereal. Once I finally enter the kitchen
I grab the necessary ingredients for the delicious
comestible. As I stir up the stew my mind begins to
race. I wonder about all the other delicious
concoctions of this soup cereal. As the soup is nearing
its time to be devoured I begin to set up the tableware
for such an occasion. I am reminded of how grateful I
am to live in a country where I can afford the
delicacy of such a meal every morning. Finally,
the time comes. I sip and chew on the sweet meats
of the soup. While I ingest the delicious soup cereal
I can feel all the ingredients unifying as one to throw
my taste buds into a wondrous trans. With said bowl
of soup I am able to take on any afflictions
through-out the day.
Thank you soup cereal!

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