Spaces Between Time

The spaces between our hearts are a parting canyon
Which rivers fill up with the sky that shines black,
Though it is nonexistent and beautiful--like an imagination.
The sea of hopefulness becomes an eternity of fire
For love, care, and nurture have been frozen in time.
Forward we stumble through weeds that impale us, but
Our chest and armour protect our exposed hearts
And as a spinning wheel you prick causes slumber,
The stab of a single rose raises pain to one's soul.
Light at the end of a tunnel does not
Represent the end of hard times, but the beginning anew,
For what awaits in the blinding, harmful rays of the sun?
As trees spread seeds that grow in unworthy places,
We are watered to grow in a cold, forgotten home.
Birds that land on the ground after flying over clouds
Are not weak for doing so, but are merely tired of old scenes
That keep rewinding to the same part of death and betrayal.
Times arise new occasions, but alas as we're stuck in it
A frozen empire of lost hearts and wandering souls
And the clocks long to move their weary hands,
But there are no minutes willing to press forward to a
New dawn, new day, a new life of foreignness.
As the curtains close and the roaring of a lion
Echoes through the room, will the actors
Be able to play the characters, over and over again,
As we play ourselves every moment in someone's presence?
The sun longs to move forward, but alas as we're
Stuck in the spaces between time.

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