Spare Tire

black on black
the night sky sings
you swim through
waves of rubble
bump bump bump
four birds flying
through tar
bump bump pop
you screech
you've been hit
by the leftovers
of your three friends
you stop moving
the world swirling
in blue smoke
all of a sudden
you're tossed to the side
grass injecting poison
into your black skin
another replaces you
someone who isn't
you've been replaced
by the spare
you lose your breath
your lungs condensing
into silly putty
you're heaved into
the trunk
the trash
the replaced
you miss the waves
the rubble scratching
your black skin
and the song of the night
but you wait
and wait
and wait
and wait to hear another
bump bump pop
so that the once replaced
become the spare
the new
the welcomed
black on black
the night sky sings
and four flying birds
ignore the one in the back
with the broken wing
and the broken heart

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