She was one of those beauties,
you know what I mean?
The ones that don't really know,
or even understand, the power they have,
in the palm of their hand.
Yet, she settled for a lowlife,
a cowardly man, one that was cruel,
who believed in the power of his hand.
"No is unacceptable, got it, girl? Obey me,
always, or next time I won't hit you so easily."
Of course she escaped, after a long fought battle.
A struggle. A war. A game with no end.
Yes, she made some wrong choices,
before. And after. But who cares?
On a molecular level, you and she are the same,
but she's the spark of a brilliant flame.
She tried to put it out, once,
in a big pool of water.
Thank God someone stopped her.
She's still with us today,
more perfect than ever.
And luckily, she'll be with me forever,

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