Chaos, squawking, vultures, crows
Countless cackles crowd the corpse
A cacophony of noise
Cracks the air that winter froze

Through the fissures wind escapes,
Joins the chase, and charges through,
Straight into the rotten core;
Chewing chunks, it chafes and scrapes.

Dead? Alive? They pay no mind;
Sharp their talons, tough their beaks,
Tight the tendons torn to shreds--
Almost nothing left behind.

Then, a distant cry one hears--
Something new for them to eat!
Feathers scatter everywhere,
As they flap with raucous jeers.

Gone--only a ghost remains;
No one gawking at the sight.
Mangled, on the ground, grotesque,
Blood defiles the ground with stains.

Seconds, minutes, hours pass by…
Withered sunlight seeps through trees
Suddenly a sparrow spies--
Silent, blinks its beady eye.

First it shakes its tail and wing,
Rumpling feathers dirty brown.
Curious, it hops a bit
Closer to the gruesome thing,

Peeks into the eye to see
What it could not understand--
Things a sparrow’s never seen;
Such a lowly bird was he.

Playful sunlight splashing bright
Sparkles onto peaceful shores.
Stunned, the sparrow shuts his eyes,
But he sees no more the light.

For the darkened eye sinks deep,
Where the silent water waits,
Like a womb devoid of warmth,
Motionless in lonely sleep.

Untold memories appear--
Long entombed beneath the sand;
Joys of carefree wind and waves,
Sorrows buried, worry, fear

What could sparrow do but stare?
Dissipated life he sees--
Useless pity fills his heart,
Joys of past he cannot share...

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This Poems Story

This is about a very good friend of mine who's been through a lot. I'm the sparrow, who chanced upon his life, and I feel like I'm not worthy of him, nor am I capable of ever making him feel better. I can't pretend to understand his struggles, but I'm there for him anyway.