By: Joseph Berry

There’s a world where Pain resides
The choices you decide
Inflict the pain of those
As petals falling off of a rose

Those who have no voice
Are given the ultimate choice
Those whose voices aren’t heard
Give up the pain and soar like a bird

Those who have gone through the pain
Knows what it’s like to walk in the rain
They decide to keep quiet
It’s like a riot

So much to say
We go through the same thing every day
Never accept the help we can give
It’s not like we know how to live

The pain of having so much on your mind
They have never liked your kind
You keep your thoughts to yourself
It’s not like we could ever be ourselves

Come home to a loud house
All you can do is be quiet as a mouse
The mind is like a prison
The pain has arisen

Head full of thoughts
All the thoughts can do is rot
Never encouraged to speak
The pain has reached its peak

Drowning in the pain of the fighting
I’m done being the only one who is trying
Told to get in your place
All the pain is thrown in your face.

Wishing you could shout
Maybe trying a different route
A voice in the world is all I seek
Because all I want to do is speak

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