I have a say in this.
I repeat these words in my head.
But it was my cowardliness that gave me no confidence.
So I just sat in silence because that was what I was used to.
I wanted to scream I wanted to yell
That God created me too.
That I should be treated like you!
But I couldn't.
I couldn't just say that.
Actions speak louder than words
and if I truly wanted this right,
I would have to change what I was used to.
And that's what I did.
I slapped him.
I showed the book that he said he believed in.
I said that angels cursed men who oppressed women
and so throughout my life I have been oppressed by you.
So angels shall curse every step you take
because you took my confidence and my motivation too.
You took the one thing I loved.
The one thing that kept me alive,
But you said otherwise.
It runs in the family that I should be treated
lower than you.
But the only thing that was lower than you wasn't me.
It was the way you were taught to be.

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