Speak and Be Heard

Only a heart could remember the things
That feel so depressing, like a dead bird would sing.
The tears on my face, the cries in my pillow
I'm starting to feel like a dead burned out willow.
The scars on my wrist, the stabs on my back,
I feel like an eggshell beginning to crack.
Why couldn't you see my hand reaching out?
Why couldn't you see my heart wanted to shout?
In the end there's a way but I choose not to walk it.
I decide to sit down, never wanting to solve it.
My problems my tears, they're all dying with me.
I'll take my last breaths to express and confess
There's others like me craving their death.
Don't let the words die in my grave.
Rise up speak with me. Try to be brave.
The cruel words of others, their misunderstandings.
The deaths that went down with improper landings.
Stop discriminating against one another.
Someone around you could go through the death of his brother.
Let everyone know of the things you have learned.
Rise up, stand with me, speak and be heard.

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