Yo, you take the deepest breath of your life yet?
Cause fast you are diving now,
darker, into the vast
(you are alone now
there is no one left)
unknown is how i plundered
again far from home
i wonder, is this freedom?
My heart just roams &
I still see the red
better off dead?
Suicide notes arn't written
in pencil led, cant erase
but i can do this
about face
this life is a race
all these choices, voices in my head
Lets see how quick i can be
How does this mask look on me?
You say wear it as i tear it
& scream
"Come on let me tell you about
my death & disease
how every single scar on me
came to be"
broken mirrors represent my past
i can still see myself
but my future fears me
I don't come in last
enemys cant even get near
because i dont fear this
i was taught by the best
teacher of all,
the free fall
termenal velocity
i passed every single test
we are the lucky ones
suffering without shame
all this pain is the greatest way to learn
and to consciously gain
But you gotta take that first jump,
it's gonna hurt like hell
that free fall,
with no parachute
seems like a dumb call
but all i can do is fall
& god is on the line
but you cant ignore this call
The blood shows me
that i am still here
that i am still alive
and the purpose might be un clear
but at least im still alive
and its physical too
so i can't deny
I can not only hear it
but I feel it
damn these torn intestines from the inside
internal bleeding close to death,
i remember what it's like
to almost die...
Thank you free fall teacher
im far from the preacher
and all the death
that we so fear
but not me, you taught me
that death is the greatest release
its only hard for the ones that are left...
Where am i now?
What have lessons
have i took like a theft?
Every confession,
is like an open concession
come on inside my head i will feed you no lies
hold onto my hand now
because one day purposed fullfilled
i will die
And finally like the aviators
my family I will fly

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