Speaking to the Beast

Hello? How are you?
Have you eaten well these days?
Healthy? How are you feeling exactly?
I heard that there are times you sleep
And times you'll erupt like a volcano
But in all, you stayed calm
You once asked me why I'm being so kind to you
Saying that people will continue to look at me like a child
You're funny sometimes
Sometimes you're quiet and moody
Yet at times you're soft and kind-hearted
Warrior-like, but in some ways, a Cinderella
Of course, people do look at me like a naïve child
But it's because I let them do it
It's funny and sad how people don't know who you really are
You're special.mentally and physically, but you're intelligent
If I tell them about you, will it be okay?
You're so kind to me when everyone else ignored you
Neglected me in result of ignoring you
We're twins, you and I
So different yet exactly the same
I wanted to say that I admire your rough personality
A confident person that I never was.
I'll remember to visit you whenever I needed you, okay?
But for now.thank you for always protecting me
And sorry.for always keeping you locked away
You'd always protected me so now it's my turn to protect you
Don't worry so much and don't be afraid.
My beautiful, sweet Beast

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