Spilt Milk

Spill me you secrets,
like milk out of the cereal bowl
onto the pastel blues of the table,
while the sun glistens through the dewy mist
and obscures your vision.
Relate to me, when we are lying in bed sharing a heartbeat,
your brow upon mine, sharing a breathy silence.
Secretiveness is cunning,
be in control lest you lose your sense of self.
Reveal to me your fears, hopes dreams,
like they do in romantics movies nowadays;
when we are lying on our backs looking up at the stars and
discussing alien life.
Don't alienate yourself from me,
I know we aren't a movie, but let's create a still-life and

Freeze it like you did in the mornings when we would let
the sunlight blind us and spill our cereal into
the sea of possibilities.

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