On these late nights
I tend to go on a tangent
Thinking as many terrible thoughts as Tim burton could imagine
But unlike the movies ain’t no curtain to the madness
It’s a constant cycle of angst and inner sadness
It’s sorta keeps my head clear
I try to use it to my advantage
But it’s like deku with his powers
I almost always end up damaged
Over analyzing everything
Getting tangled in the unravel
Every days a constant battle
Between madness and sanity
I do care about you too
But I’m bogged down by my vanity
Toying with thoughts of the future of humanity
I see disasters but by the time they come I still probably won’t have planned a thing
I’ll probably be mixed up in some random dream or thinking about a romantic fling
My focus has been lacking lately
Tho I keep focusing on all times I acted shady
Wondering what happened to have this part of me get activated
I still get aggravated thinking about how I fail
My souls in pain I seem to always do this to my self
Others involved but I resolve to hold it all
You helped put the weight on me so isn’t this what you want
But I can only hold off for so long
I’m a ticking time bomb
Lying saying you’ll be fine dog
Doing what I can to turn my mind off
But it only gets more intense
I just shyt to make sense
I apologize to everyone
I don’t know what this is

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