By Josh   

Upon a battlefield a tired and weak soldier stands alone. Looking around through the fog could see some carnage and as fog lifted he could see the scope of the carnage around him. As the breeze blow's through he could hear the dying moans of those that lay upon the ground. Swaying on his feet, he leans on his sword shaking his head to clear the darkness from his view. Giving in to the bone chilling tiredness he drops to his knees. Resting his brow on the pommel of his sword and closing his eyes. Sun light peek's through the clouds crawling over the battle strewn ground. Feeling warmth creep in to his body his eyes fluttering open he see's his shadow upon the ground and to his tired mind it looks like a man kneeling before a cross. Feeling a renewed strength flowing through him he begins to talk to the Lord. Pouring his heart out to the Lord and feeling released of his burdens. A new strength flow's through him as he feels reborn his body no longer tired and sore. Upon the ground before him he see's a flower sprout out of the ground and take bloom. Upon the breeze a butterfly flutters on the breeze and land's on the flower.

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