Spirit Across The Stars

Call me Old Soul
For I have come long and far
An incorporeal traveler
A human spirit drifting beyond mortal bars

Once I knew of form
Felt the warmth of Sun on skin
But then my Life and World ended
My eternal Soul this trek to begin

In wake of Great War's destruction
My mind survived intact
And freed from a Body's limits
I fled Earth's Tomb never to look back

Passing beyond the Sky I reached the cosmic pale
And journeyed its Infinite Path through deep black void
Discovering worlds and witnessing endless cycles
Life born, life evolved, life destroyed

Sometimes I entered entities
Lurking within Consciousness unknown
Experiencing vicariously their joys and sorrows
The sharing of such mt sweet gold

Always however my Wandering resumed
For the lure of Space was too strong
I found I craved the Freedom it gave
And as Impassioned Pilgrim moved on

Through my Span of Millennia and galaxies
I have read the Universe's story
I have raised the Veil to touch the mien
Of a Vast and Exquisite glory

Continuing on I shall discern new horizons
As the Depths of Existence I chart
Enduring therein as a Timeless observer
A spirit dancing lightly across the stars

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