Spirited Away

Staying alive so I could see if my ending is with you
If it isn't then I guess I've split into two
Almost everyday I want you to be mine
And the way you eyes shine adds up more to my life line
My heart burns for your acknowledgement and smile
This isn't my world but I have you in my dreams and soon arms
And I get to look at you play your incredible charm
Missing and loving you only darkens my limited days
They said that I wouldn't have a chance andy heart was in disarray
Even if it doesn't work I'll make sure you're happy with someone else
I'll leave my heart if I can't have you then it's for no one else
I want to lay back and stargaze with you and play with your hair
And we just say a lot of dumb shit and not even care
Because I gave my soul to you and I hope you'll never throw it away
Because I'm with you and you take my spirit of grief away
And in my head I guess I feel like I'm spirited away?

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