bewitched by the lucent light.
it's surpassing my judgement
every twilight when I close my eyes
I am exhausted by the bloodless blueprint engraved in my mind
when I flicker in my hallucinations
the carved figure visits me
it's a nagging and persistent being
it's harassed me for too long.
I could taste the odor.
rotting flesh and plasma
I heard him say "get out"
for my will to live life along side of a curse
a curse of a spirit that will never leave
attached to me for life
ive tried holy water, to sage, to prayers, to bible reading, to crystals.
he will not go. he lingers. gripping my shoulders. weighing me down
for he says he has a contract over me and my lufr
he will never flee
I scream for help but no one can hear
im I am echoed in silence
forever screaming in a room with no Windows
does anybody hear her
can anybody see
she going down.
silence eventually haunts her jaws.
it's cold, where i am
the only way to feel normal is to stay in the light.
the light.
the light.
the light.

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