Spiritual Eyes

Early one morning came quiet whispers i believed that was from the heavens.
In this quiet still voice,
It said listen, and so i did.
I turned around when i heard it but i didn't see who said it,
Again the quiet voice said listen.
And again so i did.
I turned to my left, then i turned to my right.
Then all of sudden i saw something very amazing had appeared before my eyes.
This time it was a vision, as the quiet voice said.
And there straight front and center, this clear vision i was given to tell.
It was real alright as real as a Sunday morning church bell.
The vision shown an image of me standing on a pathway in the middle of a cornfield.
With fully grown and ripe cornstalks miles and miles wide, whilest i gazed.
On my leftside and on my right. Endless fields of corn to harvest that could take days.
The pathway that i was standing in led only straight ahead.
That's when i immediately knew this was a vision from God.
Because i totally believe in Him.
I ask my LORD about this vision with me standing in the middle of the pathway.
Because i started to sense something good about it anyways.
And at that moment i felt safe being in the spirit of this clear vision to tell.
So after it all had vanished as fast as it appeared.
I admit it gave me more hope, i felt real good about myself for the journey i took that i now see ahead.
And my long search for answers was granted in this one vision i had.
Knowing i must stay on the pathway i believe the LORD gave me.
In the middle of a cornfield.
Just only to keep my eyes open on the straight pathway that i believe the LORD has prepared.

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This Poems Story

GOD has given us all whom truly love him many of his blessings and previsions for our lives. And i thank Him so much for blessing me with Spiritual Eyes.