Spiritual Growth

Growing is the key in life after experiencing so much
We felt we had to do things our way or may even had to rush
We all have grown so beautifully and our choices made us tough
With the way the world is now I think we all have had enough
It's time to take it up a level and get right with the lord
Watching what we say; the tongue is mightier than the sword
Being in this group I've learned a lot and now I understand
No matter what I may go through that my life is in God's hands
I pray that every women learn to stand on her feet
And have that strength to pray when she feel down and weak
Spiritual growth is powerful and we start off as a child
When we was given inches we would always take that mile
I embed it in my children to get close to god as well
Being use to bad when things are good it's kind of hard to tell
When we analyze our self and we see the wrong we done
We understand God cleansed our sins the day he gave his son
This world is full of sin but there's good and greatness in us all
When we have spiritual growth we learn to catch others when they fall
We may not perfect but we learn from our imperfections
When we lose a lot in life we thank god for all our blessings

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