Spiritually Taught

By Honesty   

You learned that things aren't always what we have known. Suddenly things sound different, suddenly things look different. A rhythm takes over as you are guided here and being told to go there. Your thoughts become confusing as you try to figure out what is best. Exhaustion takes over when there is a feeling of no control. Learning to go with the flow is beyond what you thought was in store. Never thinking you are being guided by the divine of all things. Blessings pour in as you listen to the whispers ring. Warfare is consistent as you encounter the path of the king. So much to do now as your journey become deeper. In the mist of the spirit, you become a grounded keeper. Free will to do whatever you want, but seeing so much wicked keeps you wanting the great one. Unpleasant feelings as the unseen tries to take over, nowhere is safe let the spirit govern as it’s the one. A new life given, god’s purpose is in it. Knowing now that being faithful requires a lot of responsibility.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a journey I decided to take, a spiritual one. I soon realized that you have no control. If you open your heart and be guided by the spirit because you want to be, you are really like a new born being taught all over again. Things that you know them as is definitely not the truth. Seeking the spirit for guidance will definitely teach you another way.