Spoiled Milk

It was a simple game to see how much fame they could create.
The hunger devoured our respect and morals,
And they taught us about values in school,
Which the children never showed up to.
The education system crumbled,
And it became more important that a ball was fumbled,
And the jails filled up with no solutions.
Young ones rebelled to create a revolution,
A revolution they know nothing about.
No one can shout because the TV is muted,
Because it is easier to change the channel
Then open your eyes to whats there.
The parents want children out of their hair,
Because they never learned what no one would teach them.
And the cycle continues,
As the venues for fame get bigger.
And the most secure job is a grave hole digger.
Not even the end will teach us to mend,
these things I cry out,
I try not to shout.
But the smell of the spoiled milk lingers too long
In the nostrils of the world,
And they don't understand why.
Not ever, even after goodbye.

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