Spread a Smile

By Deeja   

"She always smiled, 

Because when she smiled 

The world forgot their miseries for a while and smiled!! 

Her smile was a blessing which she could never hide, 

The jealous nerves whined as she smiled. 

She could never find a reason why she smiled, 

So she silently grinned as the world riled. 

No her life wasn’t a fairy tale,

But the world, deceived by her smile could never tell. 

Every night her pillows were drained with tears, 

Yet she woke up with a smile for years. 

She wanted somebody to look beyond that mask, 

But that was too much for her to ask. 

People came and left, 

All she could do was smile and wait. 

She missed each one of them, 

Tearing pages of memory was a part of the game.

She smiled as her love walked away, 
he couldn’t tell him this was her last day. 

Today she lies cold and dead, 

Still smiling,

Because she always wanted her smile to spread. ☺"

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