Spring in Scarborough

Spring says: "Be careful what you wish for!"
as she draws from the soul of black earth
as she draws from the white of snow
and now this rain, which fills her tiny buckets
on those tiny little branches and glows
she draws from I and we
roots steeped deep, inhaling the original
stirring misty metric meters,
pulsing with a cryptic code
one chill inspiration
early Metro Morning
spring in Scarborough

Yes, unhappy endings well intact
but we are not abandoned.
We draw from the depths of this marriage
from a little yellow tree
and the tree was never just a tree
and the school yard not the only portal.
I am sated, that is all.
Desire and gift have merged as one
and that's what springtime does-
she merges-in sewers, streams and puddles.
She's keeping promises.

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