Spring Sensations

The wind blows against my pale skin,
not too intense and just the right temperature.
I can feel the tingling sensation of flowers;
gently gliding against my toes as I run.
The bumblebees have emerged for a season of grace;
while two bluebirds chirp beside one another in harmony.
The beautiful spring surroundings have been created.
Each living being has a profound view of this valuable warmth.
Once a year, the breeze is not too chilly nor humid.
The necessity to keep cool or stay warm is not a factor.
The moments that last a lifetime are the ones that involve happiness.
Allowing yourself to lay in the sun and relax.
Creating the memories of rolling your windows down,
while singing to the radio.
Giving yourself the freedom to dance,
whether it be in the April rain or May sunshine.
I am content with my surroundings.
Spring, Spring, Spring.
It's time to be outside and embrace the sense of freedom has come.
A long winter has finally come to a steady halt.
Spring has finally arrived.

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