Spring Woes

Like always the neoteric morning promised grueling productivity
I slowly adjusted my senses to accommodate to my surroundings
That weekend was an intangible illusion, like all the rest
But the weather on that unusual Sunday wasn't
I stepped out of the war zone into the world only for a moment
I lit a cigarette, only for a minuscule moment of peace
My most recent taste of freedom from this purgatory of mine
I wandered through the backyard or my old territory now
I sat in the grass, my senses overwhelmed with its freshness
The warm air promised a beautiful sunset for the evening
Sadness of last summer and days long gone tugged at my heart
Then a sweeter nostalgia eased my selfish longing
The puffy clouds overhead hinted at luscious rain
The late redeemer I had missed so much, cruel winter kept me waiting
But after so much unkindness, it's much too late for redemption
I've become used to the scars and bruises of my phantom past
That evening held but one disappointment, much like the others
Rain didn't happen and a balmy atmosphere replaced it
In spite of all that, the sunset was so invigorating
I felt at peace with everything, so brand new

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