Spring’s Glorious Awakening

Brigid has awakened Ostara
Spring's Maiden Goddess
Gaia is slowly lifting away
Her white blanket of beauty
Covering the Wintered earth

For Spring's first glorious morning
Is almost upon us
Spring's first vernal morning
That awakens us to new sensations

Spring's glorious sensations
That bloom loves growth
That calls us one and all
To rise to her vernal call
That'll birth us from Winter's womb

Now come walk with me
As Gaia prepares to give birth
To Spring's first glorious morning

Oh my...
Look, her crocuses have crept out
Telling us that Spring is about to become
Listen, they are speaking to us
In nature's silent whispers

Soon there will be flowers aplenty
Dancing in Spring's warm breezes
Soon there will be many more
That'll bloom out to...
Kiss our souls with their floral lips
As they whisper sweet aphrodisiacal nothings
That'll fill our souls with kisses of soft color bliss

Oh Flora, when your flowers bloom out so
They make our hearts sing with joy
Our spirits soar with happiness
And imbue our minds with color aliveness
That connect us back to Mother Earth
Deep into the center of her hearth

Her hearth where souls are rooted into warmth
That'll thaw out our souls icy layers of illusion
And return our minds back to the openness
Of the first Spring that had sprung when time begun
Her first Spring breezes that caused our souls to stir within

Her cool breezes that waft thru
The between of her trees green branches
Where birds chirp vernal hymns of joy
That'll fill the season so beautifully
With Spring's song of a new dawn

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