Spring is coming and baby animals will be born
As the baby animal will be feeding on grass
And baby animals will be playing with each other
They will go and bedding down so they can rest as
will be sleeping.

Humming birds and birds will be coming back
From the south and they will be resting in there
Bird house. the robins will be singing saying
Spring is here. All the birds will be singing.

The trees will have green buds for new leaves
To come, the wind will be blowing the trees
Rain will water the tree and the buds will grow
Bigger and bigger. As the bumble bees
will help pollinate. the buds.

The frogs will coming out of the pound as they
They will sing to each other saying spring is here
The frog and tree frog will have babies tad pools
The tad pools will find water and as they get big
They will grow into frog and some will grow into
Different frogs.

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