Springtime Revelry- prose

Spring arrives as an offering... giving itself forward apologetically as if seeking forgiveness for the storms we endured in its absence. I, taken by nature's manifold of new life, accept it's gracious plea. Poised and fully rested, Spring prepares to lift the forgotten magnolias... breathing life back into their roots. They are restored to their youthful form and bloom eternally once more.
Symbolically mending old wounds, nature's commencement proves to see another year. Willows weep to jaded shapes- lessened by winter's tireless weathering. They question the reach of the solstice but the promised exchange of old for new falls ritually upon them despite their grievance.
Once a year, I am reminded of my own resilience through this annual infinity. I am captivated by the defiance of the rising spring bounty. Refusing to remain barren, Spring is lain out like a celestial cover over my chilled frame and the remains of winter's now thawing land. Skeptics relingiush their suspicion and dance boldly into certainty. As sure as the sun is to set and rise, the warmth's unceasing return is very much upon us as it has vowed to be. There has never been an oath so sincere.
We are the blossoms growing toward the light. We are sparrows; free to fly and excited to turn up lost.
Like the persistence of nature's warriors, we, too, may be friends to change and undefined by fear.

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