The steps I have climbed on my staircase of life,
My steps take me out the door,
I now walk cautiously to destinations unknown,
The staircase is long and made of many mistakes and regrets,
If given a chance to change it,
Go back do it over again,
Would I want to?
Perhaps, perhaps not

I'm learning how to make it right
At times wonder should those be pitied that climb the steps so quickly,
Clearly they must have missed some good moments in their life,
On many more occasions I wish to admit,
I've missed my next step and climbed to the next,
Far too eager without a moment to rest,

Without even a glance of what that step could offer even at it's best,
Certainly lingered on a step or two to long,
Where it held me in darkness,
I could have only went back down,
Forced into directions I should have found for myself,

I've stepped before my leg would rise
Pondered my distraction to move on,
I could see smoke rising along the wall,
It was about to burst into flame,
At that time I had to take two steps at a time

It's sometimes so hard to see the top or where it ends
I know my kingdom is home
At the top of the staircase
All I can do is take it step by step
Shy away from missed steps and regrets.

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