Stale Mate

Life with no parole.
My heart is what you stole,
blank years ago when I was told you loved me.
How is it now that you feel so proud, and you say out loud
'It's not working?'
Who do you think you are to drift so far apart?
To throw darts and daggers,
Have a homeboy swagger, and think I will never...
Start to wonder what has changed?
Am I the blame for your foolish games,
Your mid-life flame, and your new habits?
Or is it that I've been fooled,
Raged fueled and overruled by your selfish choice to have it?
How old do you get when you start to forget
That the vows that we made were forever?
I guess now as I wait,
I'm just a STALE MATE,
Handed down this decision:
As to weather...or whether.

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