I saw you today
you looked so nice in that red dress
As I sit watching, desiring you, my prey
You looked quiet inviting, I must confess.
I wonder, did you see me, did you look my way?
I walked right by you as you turned to the old
Lady as if you had something to say.
You turned back to me and our eyes almost meet,
A ring comes from your cell, I smile as the breeze
Picks up your smell, soft scent of lavender or is it
Rose petal? Doesn’t matter, with you anything I’d be settled
what’s wrong? Why the look on your face?
Is it your man again, the one I wished you’d erase?
I see you every day even at night as I gaze from my
Window to see you on your couch, you get up and walk
Over and look out your window as I duck, as I crouch
I’m afraid for you to see me, for you’d probably turn away
I just like this cat and mouse game we play
It’s empowering to me to know, all that I know of you
To know your name, where you work, where you live,
Where you eat and things you do.
You’re so oblivious to what’s around; you don’t see
all the strange people here in your town.
I’m here, but invisible to your eyes, I can’t show
myself to you because I am insecure and shy
For if you knew me, it wouldn’t be much fun
For if you really knew what I do, you’d close your
Blinds, bolt your door and buy a gun.
I’m so good at what I do and I’ve never been caught . . .
No one is looking for me, for a person like me is
Never sought
Too bad I have to see you leave as I too go to work,
It would be nice if I got paid
to sit and watch you all night and all day.

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