Stand Still In The Moment

Look forward to the future.the past, leave it behind.
Stand still in the moment. clear all doubt from your mind.
The ways of this world are not for you to keep;
The demons of your past, put to rest let them sleep.
Return not to darkness that once clouded your way-
Let the Holy Spirit guide your conscience every moment of the day.
How could you want to return to what brought you to where you are?
When you have seen the true light, if you follow you'll venture far.
Stand still in the your heart have no fear,
God will guide your way.Keep him close and forever near.
We are not to lose our sight of the past that is before us-
The obstacles that we encounter, in God we must always trust.
Stand still in the moment.go forth having no fear.
Success is in your reach, God being your guide of the path you steer.
The path is very narrow, it is by faith that one will succeed.
If you are sure of yourself, by all means take the lead.
Doing what you know is right; hindrance does tend to come.
That is the old you trying to lead you back to where you came from.
With God as our navigator of the vessel which is YOU;
The coordinance of your journey,He's the only One to see you through.
Giving to us the very map that is in His Holy Word-
Yet many lose their way of His direction, not being heard.
Guarding His chosen children, at many times and times before;
If we simply would just knock, He is waiting to open the door.
Turn not either way of your straight and narrow path.
Stand still in the moment.don't hesitate.
With loving and open arms, God our Father surely does wait.

Written by Roy J Stake Jr
Inspired from God

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