Stand Up

America, wants me to stand up for her, it's kind of a to puzzle me,
The home of the brave and land of the free where they enslaved me,
Took my religion, my culture, my family, and then renamed me,
Where they have beaten me, hung me, killed me, and shamed me,
400 years of oppression and yes I blame America for how they
have treated me,
Why should I stand for a land that I had to force to stand for me,
I help built this country, fought and died for this country,
and I'm not the same to they,
Police night sticks hits me in 2016 like its 1963,
Not hanging us from trees, but putting me in jail, or shooting
me down defenselessly,
I wouldn't scream black lives matter if you wasn't constantly taking
them away from me,
Where are my unalienable rights, as an African-American
am I not equal to you,
It took me not to stand up for you to hear me speaking to you,
So I'm wonder why America is mad cause I won't stand up,
Cause me sitting down is the new sit in, and its time I man up,
So if America wants me to stand up for her today,
America needs to stand up for me and change her ways,
So America stand up.....

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